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  1. Gardie

    # 18 November 2010, by Sebastian Barbalace (Los Angeles, California, United States)

    “I’ve learned about Sjaak Lucassen several years ago when researching for my own trip through Latin America. I was amazed with the few clips I could find on the Internet. From the beginning, I wished he’d made a movie about his great achievement. Lo and behold, the wait is over. Brandon Green put together this movie with interviews and footage of Sjaak’s travels. Sjaak the World is the perfect inspirational movie for those of us who love to ride the world. His adventures are admirable. I particularly loved the story about crossing the desert. Sjaak challenges an idea that most people see as impossible. He has accomplished what many people just contemplate on their dreams. Traveling to every corner of the world, experiencing different cultures, enjoying unbelievable adventures, is the wish of many. I highly recommend this movie to all of those who put their life on hold; those who think “that is too dangerous” and use it as an excuse not to live life to the fullest”.

    # Hello,
    First of all, you are my personal hero:-)
    I bought your DVD and it was so emotional for me, I hope I will do the right thing for me in the future, like you did the right thing for you.

    # Sjaak,
    Just got home from Ripley where I met you and brought your DVD which I have just played and it is brilliant. What you have achieved is marvellous and at the same time inspirational although I do not think I would ever have the nerve to attempt anything as extreme as you have. It’s certainly at least given me inspiration to go down to Morocco on my Blackbird though. It was also nice to see your parents and family who are all clearly proud of you. I hope that you carry on achieving everything you wish to in your life and we get to see you more in the UK. Until I met you I thought Nick Sanders had achieved a lot but he cannot match you. Please put me on your mailing list.

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