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One size. Adjustable with a metal clip.
Gold-coloured embroidery: is handmade in Nepal on a simple sewing machine.

Watch the production process at Baba Embroidery….

Dear visitor,
In my web shop I sell merchandise which shows my R1 Sjaak Logo and/or my website address

Most of this merchandise I had made during my R1 world travel by companies in the countries that I was travelling through.
Even after my travel had finished, I had embroidery produced by the same tiny family business in the Nepalese capital of Kathmandu.

This embroidery on badges, caps and shoulder bags is NOT made on computer operated sewing machines, but by creative hands!
For this reason, none of the embroidered logo’s which came to live on antique sewing machines is identical. Therefore when you purchase an item, you get something unique and except from supporting me, you help a whole family in Nepal!

Baba Embroidery
Baba Embroidery, extremely happy with my considerable order.