Spare parts

Spare parts

Extreme weather, falling down and tough terrain can and will cause all kind of breakdowns. Therefore, I will take an extensive assortment of spare parts with me. A small amount of that I will actually drag with me over the ice. The rest will stay in the basecamp and will, if necessary, get to me during provision.

A summary of the main parts that I expect to take with me to North America…
[ezcol_1half]• Brake lever
• Master brake cylinder
• Brake pads
• Brake pedal
• Brake fluid

• Clutch lever
• Clutch cable
• Clutch and friction plates
• Clutch cover
• Clutch cover gasket

• Clip-ons

• Throttle cable set

• Gear shifter

• Batteries
• Fuses

• CDI-unit
• Regulator rectifier
• Pick-up coil[/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]• Coils
• Spark plugs
• Spark plug caps

• Alternator
• Alternator cover
• Alternator cover gasket

• Radiator(s)
• Coolant

• Oil filter(s)
• 4T POLAR-Oil

• Chain
• Chain master link
• Sprockets

• Tyres
• Inner tubes
• Valves
• Rims
• Wheel bearings[/ezcol_1half_end]

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