Because he always thought bike vacations were too short, he took half a year off and shipped his bike, a Honda CBR 900 RR Fireblade, to Australia.

Australië, Ayers Rock

Australia, Ayers Rock

23,600mi/38.000km later he sent his bike the same way back and went for 6 weeks backpacking through Indonesia. That country he loved, but backpacking he hated. He missed his wheels. In the mean time he got bitten by the travel bug. Therefore he planned an once in a live time journey around the world. After 2 years of making money he leased out his land and resigned from his job. Without the help of any sponsors he went on the road in May 1995 in order to make his dream come true. In the following 3 years and 1 week he covered over 100,000mi/160.000km in 40 countries.

During this trip he was regularly interviewed for radio or TV and he was seen in magazines and newspapers.
This way he became widely known as ‘Fireblade Sjaak’.