North Pole Time Schedule

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Time Schedule

Building a bike and take it to the North Pole is not a job you can squeeze in. Especially not if you also have to find the necessary financial resources for it.

I always like to keep time as my friend. Also in this challenge. So, I will allow it to take as long as it needs. Everything has to be well prepared. Not only to succeed, but mainly to survive.

Of course, a plan does exist. But that will be handled in a very flexible way. This is how it looks now.

• Getting an R1 donor bike and start the challenge.   Done!

• Building the bike; aRctic1. In progress!
• Off-road test riding.

• Adding all the extras to aRctic1 to make it function well in the arctic climate and terrain.
• Off-road test riding.
• -30 ̊ C testing. Somewhere in northern Scandinavia on frozen lakes and off-road.
• Elephant Rally. (maybe)
• Scouting the area during arctic summer and winter.
• Stella Alpina Rally. Riding towards the highest off-road mountain pass in the Italian Alps, often snow covered.

• January, Anchorage Alaska – Tuktoyaktuk Canada, by land.
• February – March, Tuktoyaktuk – Ward Hunt Isle, via islands and sea ice.

• February – March, Ward Hunt Isle – North Pole, over the arctic ice.