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Many companies supported Sjaak in the past and continued doing so in his later adventures. During his next challenge sponsors, again will take an important part.
Are you looking to somehow promote your company or organisation in an adventurous way?
• Does Sjaak’s enterprises appeal to you?
• Do you want the ultimate test for your product?
• Do you want to create brand awareness?
• Or do you just like the idea…


Feel free to write a message stating Companies & Organisations sponsoring.
Or call Sjaak + 31 (0) 6 10 41 45 44

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Sponsoring Intro

Sponsoring Intro

Sponsoring intro → Companies & OrganisationsFans → Motivations

Sjaak at FOX 4 News

My adventurous projects generate a great amount of publicity.
Dutch and foreign newspapers, magazines (motorcycle, outdoor, travel etc)
TV, motorcycle exhibitions/fairs, videos on YouTube, Facebook, the Internet, the presentations that I give and of course this web site are some examples.

# Become a supporter and symbolically travel with me on my next extreme challenge!

# For companies and organisations there is the possibility to link their product to one of my adventurous projects and/or increase their brand awareness.

# The common man/woman can also assist in word and deed and through this involvement somewhat share in my experiences.

SBS6 News 2006: Homecoming video R1 World Tour.

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Commoner Support


Sponsoring intro Companies & Organisations → Fans → Motivations

Preparing and realizing an adventure and exploit it afterwards, takes an enormous amount of time and work. Especially since I search for the extreme more and more!
Are you someone who would like to get involved? That’s possible as of now! We are looking for spontaneous volunteers who are willing to help and bring the challenges to a success.

This way Esdonk ICT Service built this web site.
Thijs of Wesselskarikaturen.nl realized this web site’s header, like Sjaak envisioned it for many years.

Header wesselskarikaturen.nl

But there is no need to have a company. Do you for example have expertise in video or photos or are you good in public relations? Do you have useful contacts in the business world? These are just a few of numerous frequently recurring activities in which you can be a big help.

Through your involvement, you´ll always be informed of the latest developments, which allows you to experience the adventure from as nearby as possible.

In case you want to take part, but don´t know how, don´t hesitate to respond and if you want to contribute financially, that will also be much appreciated!

Thanks for your support !


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Sponsor motivations

Sponsoring intro Companies & OrganisationsFans → Motivations

Each company has its own reasons to sponsor Sjaak…


“Clymer Repair Manuals is proud to sponsor Sjaak Lucassen during his amazing journey.
As an ambassador for Clymer and a user of our books, Sjaak is helping to introduce and reinforce our product with motorcycling enthusiasts around the world.
Sjaak’s example shows fellow riders how to meet challenges during their own riding experiences.
Sjaak represents the ultimate do-it-yourselfer; meeting the obstacles he encounters on his journey with tenacity, creativity and grace.
For this he has earned the respect and admiration of motorcycle enthusiasts around the world.”

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