North Cape summer 2007

At the 2007 Dutch TT, Sjaak received out of the hands of Moto GP rider Colin Edwards the key from a brand new R1.

Noordkaap 2007 zomer

Not long after, Sjaak left with that bike for the North Cape.
Except the joy of being on the road, he made this trip above all to find out, what to expect on that route during wintertime.
He wanted answers to questions like; Are there sufficient feul stations open? How do they maintain the road?

Noordkaap 2007 zomer Noordkaap 2007 zomer Noordkaap 2007 zomer

Where are the mountain passes and how far must I ride on them, to get back into civilisation? Where to take nice video and photo shots?

Noordkaap 2007 zomer

He also wanted to figure out how to obtain permission to ride the last 8mi/13km to the North Cape, because that public road is closed during winter.

Noordkaap 2007 zomer

Via Germany, Denmark and Sweden, Sjaak ended up on the Norwegian E6. Fragrantly forests, misty mountains, imposing fjords under rapidly changing skies and many, many raindrops, escorted him to Alta, where he met year-round rider Jan Tore Reiersen. Jan had never been on a wintry Cape and joined thinking on how to get permission.

Noordkaap 2007 zomer

Sjaak rode on towards the Cape, where also the Children of the World Monument is.
While an icy wind flogged his face, he enjoyed the beautiful looks over an ‘horizon ending’ ocean, which led him to the end of the world.

Noordkaap 2007 zomer

While gathering information, he frequently mentioned the plan to return during the winter.
Everyone loved it, but at the same time declared him crazy!


Route Noordkaap 2007 zomer


Close to the 2007 summer ride to the North Cape, Sjaak got a brand new R1 and a new leather outfit thanks to:

Yamaha Motor Nederland


Lookwell Bike Fashion

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