R1 World Tour Quick Fits 2001

–A summary of the necessary repairs in 2001–

Exchange rear tyre in Laayoune, Morocco.

18-04-2001 12,358 km
Strengthening the frame in Laayoune, Morocco.

25-04-2001 13,848 km
Glue headlight after a fall. Nouakchott, Mauritania.

26-05-2001 15,821 km
Tighten clutch cable one turn.

15-06-2001 18,352 km
Solder wire on to the 12 volt supply switch.

26-06-2001 19,771 km
Fix tires, 13x front, 7x rear (due to my trip through Sahel – Timbuktu).

28-06-2001 19,771 km
Cut off melted fairing parts, so that the two parts fit together again.
Replace the right winker which caught a tree or bush and was only dangling on its wires.
Replace lost bolt of the collector exhaust pipe.

03-08-2001 23,355 km
Change oil and filter in Ghana.

14-08-2001 24,786 km
Lubricate ignition switch.

15-08-2001 25,179 km
Repair front tyre (after effect of my trip to Timbuktu).
Clean brake callipers -pads and –pistons.

17-08-2001 27,244 km
Change front tyre although it has still enough tread. (again 5 punctures, after effect of my trip to Timbuktu)

03-09-2001 27,526 km
Strengthen the trunks because of little cracks.

11-09-2001 31,797 km
Repair left mirror (was already broken since France)
Change first set of sparking plugs.

27-09-2001 31,797 km
I notice a small dump in the rear rim.

02-10-2001 32,285 km
The right front winker says good-bye to us as I lay down the R1 in the mud.
Tighten clutch cable one turn.

03-10-2001 32,352 km
Clean brake callipers and brake pads after Camel Trophy like circumstances.
Replace, for the second time, the lost bolt of the collector exhaust pipe by a longer one, so that I can apply a self lock.
After 21,203 km I replace the Metzeler rear tyre in Buea, Cameroon.
Tighten (for the first time) the drive chain. (one turn)

08-10-2001 32,352 km
Magnet of the trunk protection is broken.

04-11-2001 36,093 km
Change broken brake lever after a fall on a dirt road between Tibati and Banyo, Cameroon.

09-11-2001 36,724 km
At a shipyard in Douala, Cameroon they argon weld a small crack in the strengthening of the frame (applied in Morocco).

28-11-2001 38,629 km
Fix front tyre. One puncture caused by a splinter of steel and two minuscule punctures.

30-11-2001 38,736 km
Tighten screws of the reparation on the left mirror.

31-11-2001 38,809 km
Tighten screws of the reparation on the left mirror.
Remove teared part of the lower fairing.

01-12-2001 38,870 km
Change brake pads on the road from Kinkala-Brazzaville, Congo.

08-12-2001 38,912 km
Tighten screws of the reparation on the left mirror. Kinshasa, Dem. rep. Congo.
Exchange chain and cog wheel.
Set in motion the jammed valve of the exup-system.
Exchange front and rear brake pads for the old ones which have been newly padded.

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