Who’s Sjaak?

Snow Squad

Snow Squad

During the Dutch MotoNewz fair in 2006, Sjaak was present with his R1 on the Yamaha stand.

At the fair

At the Motor fair

There he met Marcus Kingma, known from his records like -Riding around the Netherlands (937mi/1508km) within one day- and -Motorcycling through 15 countries within 24 hours.-
Marcus asked Sjaak if he would like to celebrate New Year on a wintry North Cape. Already for years Sjaak carried the plan to go with his bike very far towards the north. Being asked to drive to Europe’s northernmost point, his eyes started to twinkle and enthusiastically he agreed.

A couple of weeks later the team that was named Snow Squad departed.

Sjaak on his world travel R1 and Marcus on a Yamaha YBR 125.

Due to the mild winter weather their home-made spikes worn fast on the asphalt which was frequently visual. Together with time pressure, this made them decide to turn around before they reached their goal, having no doubt whatsoever, that this challenge once should be brought to a successful end!

The attempt to reach the North Cape didn’t stay unnoticed. An invitation in the support act of the World Championship Ice Speedway on the Dutch 438yard/400meter track in stadium De Smelt (now named De Bonte Wever) was the result.

Here the spikes functioned very well!

On the road for KiKa

On the road for KiKa

In 2007 during the Dutch TT Sjaak received out of the hands of Moto GP rider Colin Edwards the key from a brand new R1.

Colin Edwards and Sjaak

Colin Edwards and Sjaak

Shortly after, Sjaak headed with it for the North Cape to explore what they could expect on that route during wintertime. Being back, the preparations began.

The adventure started live from the Motorbike fair in Utrecht on 3 February 2008. Their goal was to bring a flag of KiKa, a kids cancer free foundation, to the Children of the World Monument on the North Cape and by doing so collecting money for KiKa. This time they succeeded!

At the moment Marcus and Sjaak are editing a movie from their North Cape adventures footage. Sjaak also gives presentations about his winter travels.

Winter 2009

Winter 2009

According to Sjaak’s feeling, all of this wasn’t extreme enough and together with Doris Wiedemann, whom he knew from previous trips, a new plan was worked out.

Meest zuidelijke punt, Key West, Florida

Key West

The two wanted to ride in the middle of winter from Key West in Florida, the southernmost point of continental United States, to Alaskan Deadhorse, its northernmost point accessible by road.

Early 2009 the moment was there. Over snow and ice with temperatures around -28°F/-30°C, a harsh trip led the two adventurers to the frozen ocean.

There Sjaak looked at a tempting pristine white plain towards the North Pole.

On the Ice

On the Ice

To ride over snow and ice roads turned out to be possible, but how about the snow dunes covered polar ice?


On a special prepared R1 Sjaak started early 2013 a trip from Barrow in Alaska – via the polar ice on the Beaufort sea – to Key West in sunny Florida.

To be able to carry sufficient fuel, Sjaak pulled a sledge which had a mobile home on top.
The ride from the northernmost tip of continental USA to the southernmost point ended on the island Key West.

For detailed reports and the next adventure see Adventures!

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