Winter Rides Presentation

“Motorcycle riding at -30°C/-22°F on snow and icy roads.”

Sjaak live presentation winter

R1-Sjaak gives a presentation about his extreme winter adventures towards the far north!

° In the middle of winter to the North Cape, the northernmost point of Europe!
° Being the support act of the World Championship Ice Speedway!
° In midwinter from Florida to the frozen Arctic Ocean in northern Alaska!
° The war of attrition to man and machine on the Polar Ice near Alaska!

Sjaak live Polar Ice Test ride

About how such insanity gets in someone’s head and the main question, what’s his ultimate goal?
About preparation and (because nobody can tell you how to do it, simply because it hasn’t been done) the associated learning process.
About the routes, hazards and costs.
About anecdotes, nostalgia and dreams.
About 80 different types of snow, spikes and R1 winter tires.
About the unexpected and about how man and machine survived the battle.

All this and much more, performed with a great sense of humour, enlivened with videos and photos, makes this presentation an unbelievable experience.

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A Foretaste…

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