The police were there…

The police were there…

In March I did a presentation for the International Police Association, it was a successful evening!

IPA presentation b IPA presentation c
IPA presentation a

Would you like to enjoy a presentation, click here for more information!


• Sjaak at Business Club Gelderse Kring

Read the report [in Dutch] here verslag van de Business Club-Gelderse Kring, published on

Sjaak + BusinessClub-Gelderse Kring 2014

• A reporter from MotoPort Magazine attended Sjaak’s presentation.

(Click photo to read [in Dutch] the PDF)
MP 2007 Wie beleeft-foto

“Wie beleeft, die leeft…”

• Just seen Sjaak Lucassen present 4+hrs on his round-the-world travels by motorcycle.
This guy has stories to tell… He can probably fill another 7 evenings like that, and I would love to hear it.
30 November 2014, Piet de Visser

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