R1 World Tour Presentation

“Wandering around the World with a motorcycle for 5 Years.”

Sjaak live SaharaR1-Sjaak gives a presentation about his 250.000km/155,000mi long adventure through 75 countries!

Passage on a cocaine boat • Blasting dynamite in Bolivia • Crossing the Sahara • A motorcycle as hand luggage in a Russian plane • Speed record on the world’s largest salt lake • Stalin’s Road of Bones
River crossing in a dugout • In love with a Venezuelan beauty

Breakdowns • Weather conditions • Food • Camping • Mud paths • Sponsors • Repairs • Accidents • Breaking new ground • Civil war • Border perils • Finances • Visas • Nostalgia • Police • Bureaucracy
Diseases • Routes • Shipments • Hazards • Helpfulness • Dreams

All this and much more, performed with a great sense of humour, enlivened with videos and photos, makes this presentation an unbelievable experience.

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A foretaste …

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