Polar Ice Ride Presentation

“Riding a motorcycle on the polar cap.”

Frozen Beaufort Sea
R1-Sjaak tells about his journey from Point Barrow in Alaska, via the frozen Beaufort Sea, to Key West in Florida.

The main part of this adventure was the stretch on the polar ice. It had to be a last test before the next adventure, a ride to the North Pole. He had hoped that with minor adjustments here and there, his most extreme adventure could take place the following winter. It turned out quite different!

But Sjaak was probably…

• the first person who rode on a motorcycle from the northernmost point of the US, via the frozen ice sea, to the southernmost point.
• the one that covered the longest distance with a trailer behind a motorcycle, between the northernmost and southernmost point of the US.
• the first one who arrived on studs in Key West 😉

This story together with the preparations of the North Pole adventure, performed with a great sense of humour and enlivened with splendid photo and video material, makes this presentation an unbelievable experience.

Sjaak brings along:
• The Polar Ice Ride R1 and attributes used on the ice.
• Merchandise.
• A wonderful, interesting and humorous story.

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