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Several times I headed for the cold and experienced that as far as clothing goes, it is certainly not only just a matter of quickly purchasing a good quality one of each. No, it’s mainly the combination that has to be adjusted to each other. You can have such a good jacket, if you can’t get it over your underclothing without help its worthless. And the best gloves are excess luggage if they don’t fit over the jacket’s sleeves. Too big is also not good, because the slightest draught is fatal. I also learned to use multiple layers. If one doesn’t work well, the others will still do the job. Wearing heated clothing is, accept that a comfortable thin layer brings a lot of warmth, also perfect to control temperature fluctuations. If the sun is out while there is no wind and at the same time I have to work hard to get forward, I will need few weather protection. If the situation changes to the worse, I will be cold immediately. Quickly putting on extra clothing, is easier said than done. Turning on the heating brings the solution at once!
Klan Hot Inner Jacket Klan Lycra Socks Klan Ultralight Trousers
As a first layer of clothing I used thermo underwear and socks. On top of that came electric heated clothing from Klan which pleased me so well during the earlier Alaskan adventure. The next layer were wind stoppers. On top of that an insulated motorcycle outfit and as outer shell a Polar overall from Lookwell with its multiple layers of insulation. With such thorough equipment I didn’t mind to defy the potential deadly climate!

Lookwell Polar overall

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