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Friday 22 January
Cover inside book 'Life on 2 Wheels', Sjaak Lucassen
• This week I delivered all the files for ‘Life on 2 Wheels’. It’s now up to the printer!
The cover and a great bookmark are printed in full colour. Travel stories and a world map showing the route fill up the paperback.

• Gave a shortened presentation about my R1 World Travel.

• Received over 400 likes on my Facebook post, showing the cover of my new book ‘Life on 2 Wheels’.
If all of them buy a copy … 🙂

19 January 2016
MCN article – by Andy Davidson – about my adventure travels and about my appearance at the Carole Nash MCN London Motorcycle Show on February 12-14.
Together with seven of the world’s most influential motorcycle explorers I will be starring there.
Come and check out my brand new book ‘Life on 2 Wheels’, about my 250,000 km long R1 World travel!

See you!

2016-1-19 MCN Sjaak Lucassen
You are very welcome in the Adventure Zone for a chat with me and my fellow motorcycle explorers, Sam Manicom, Graham Field, Nick Sanders, Dylan Samarawickrama, Seán Dillon, Gareth Jones, Austin Vince and Spencer James Conway.
Come and check out my brand new book ‘Life on 2 Wheels’, about my 250,000 km long R1 World travel!
See you!


Friday 15 January
paperback cover Life on 2 Wheels Sjaak Lucassen
• This week we put the finishing touches to the cover design for Life on 2 Wheels. Many thanks to my friend Thijs Wessels who made this great looking cover!

• I visited the printing-office and chose a paper type which keeps the total weight of the paperback under 250 grams; an absolute must to affordably send it all over the world.

Friday 8 January
Week 02
• This week we had a deadline for my book, Life on 2 Wheels. The layout is ready now! But only after lots of hurrying up, stress and having to depend on others. This is exactly the opposite lifestyle that I intent and try to live, and for sure the opposite of the world where my book will take you to.

• More details about my new book are now available. The Life on 2 Wheels paperback, will contain 252 pages and it is 200 mm tall, 125 mm wide and roughly 16 mm thick.

Motorcycle greetings,


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