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1 April. Parking in the UK

1 April. Parking in the UK

Friday 1 April

• No, this is not an April Fools’ Day joke. It was a serious post on my Facebook page, to find a place to park my Iveco van. During the England Tour I plan on leaving it behind between the events, together with my Polar Ice Ride R1 and the Fireblade. This way I can take my World Travel R1 for meetings and presentations on mainland Europe. Isn’t that a great excuse to be on the bike?

Parking-In-The-UK Sjaak Lucassen

Travel bikes in the UK

Travel bikes in the UK

Friday 25 March

• On top of the World Travel R1 and the Polar Ice Ride R1, also my World Travel CBR 900 RR Fireblade with 291,977 kilometres on the clock will be on display at the events during my UK tour this spring and summer.

SjaakLucassen, News_2016 03 25 Fireblade

• in Oxford – 26-29 August – is now on my event calendar, too. Twice I will give there an 1 hour long presentation about my adventures.

• New article published in the Dutch magazine Moto73, in which colleague world traveller Peter Muurman and I test two Kawa’s. If both bikes meet our adventure criteria is unfortunately only preserved to the ones that can read Dutch  🙁

Moto73_SjaakLucassen, PeterMuurman 2016 03 24



Friday 18 March

• The ‘2016 Event Calendar’ is getting more and more interesting. This summer I will be on the road quite often, but there is room for more 🙂  Anybody suggestions?

• This week I visited the bike shop where I rolled my World Travel R1 out of the door with 307,170 km less on the odometer, in 2001.

MotorCenter VenloOdometer
• There has been an enormous interest for the #motophotochallenge on Facebook, where I posted pictures from several motorcycle adventures.

• At the moment I add pictures on Facebook from my R1 World Travel each day.

England Tour

England Tour

Friday 11 March

• This season I want to be on the road a lot. To give presentations about my adventures, but also of course for the ‘outing’ itself! Because now my new paperback ‘Life on 2 Wheels’ is available on top of my documentary DVD ‘Sjaak the World’, I marked England big on my calendar.

England Tour Sjaak Lucassen

– 14-15 May I will attend the MCN Festival of Motorcycling Peterborough with my World Travel R1 and my Polar Ice Ride R1.
– 16-19 June I will mostlikely be at the Horizon Unlimited Meeting. I’m not sure yet if I will do presentations overthere.
– The time between the above events, I am still available. Anyone got ideas for shows or events which I can attend? Or even better, does anybody want to book a presentation about my adventures, performed with a great sense of humour, enlivened with videos and photos?

• A calendar, showing the European events and shows that I’m going to attend, will be added to the next update!

This week on Facebook, I accepted the #‎motophotochallenge, to post pictures from my travels on motorbikes one each day for 10 days and to nominate another biker each day to do the same.
Of course this brings nice pictures from the old days.

Life on 2 Wheels_Sjaak Lucassen_ Paperback• Sjaak The World_DVD •