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22 April. Ink and Oil

22 April. Ink and Oil

Friday 22 April

• Iain Harper from Overland Junction wrote a very nice review about ‘Life on 2 Wheels’, my book about the R1 World Travel.

Life on 2 Wheels, bookmarks

• The new bookmark arrived, to go with ‘Life on 2 Wheels’, the story about my 250,000 kilometre ride around the world with an R1. To find an owner for all of them is next…

• The Belgium magazine, Motorrijder, publishes a page TIPS FROM GLOBETROTTERS which they bring in a playful way. In the most recent edition I had the honour to fill that page.

R1-Goes-Extreme, new oil

R1-Goes-Extreme, switching switches

R1-Goes-Extreme, fans

• Friday afternoon 22 April my World Travel R1 needs to be ready for a ride to Zottegem in Belgium, where I will attend MC Devil Rowlers´ Flying Saucer Bike Meeting on 23 and 24 April.
For the trip over there, and for this years’ riding season, I mounted a new oil filter on Florentina and gave her fresh Putoline Oil. Next, I cleaned the outside of her radiator. Now about 90% from the radiators’ surface helps cooling again. Because her cooling fan slowed down during low revs and stopped eventually completely when idling, she suffered overheating in the cities, making red traffic lights a pain. With another temperature switch and fan mounted, that I nicked from the Polar Ice Ride R1, that problem was solved. Now she is ready for it!

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R1-Goes-Extreme, PolaIceRide & Florentina

15 April. Made my bed.

15 April. Made my bed.

Friday 15 April

R1GoesExtreme 15 April 2016

• The interior from my Iveco van is ready to visit Bike Shows and Events! The yearly wash – which I mentioned last week – not yet  🙂
The World Travel Fireblade with 291,977 km on its counter, the World Travel R1 with over 300,000 km under its belt and the Polar Ice Ride R1 which carried me over the frozen Beaufort Sea north of Alaska, all three fit in. There is even space left to sleep, as my lazy twin brother shows.

R1GoesExtreme, 15 April 2016

• New bookmark to go with ‘Life on 2 Wheels’, the story about my R1 World Travel.

Bookmark_Life on 2 Wheels, time is my friendBookmark-Life on 2 Wheels, time is my friend.

8 April. Book ‘Life on 2 Wheels’ on Kindle

8 April. Book ‘Life on 2 Wheels’ on Kindle

Friday 8 April


• Life on 2 Wheels, containing the entire story of the time that I was wandering the world with my R1, is now available in the Kindle store. For the paperback version check out the shop in this site.

Life on 2 Wheels•

• For the readers that already purchased the first two parts of Life on 2 Wheels on Kindle, I also added the final part. It covers the last 2 years of my adventure, in which I left the comfort of my home in Europe and started traveling, taking time as my friend.
After crossing Africa (part 1) and all the South and Central American continental countries (part 2),
I travel in this final part through North America, Asia, the Middle East and via Egypt back to Europe.

Week 14

• My old Iveco van got a new diesel filter. Hopefully it doesn’t stall between the French and British border on my way to attend shows and events, next time. I also tensioned the V-belt. Next is the yearly wash, which I often forget 🙂