Archive 2016

Friday 20 May

R1 Goes Exteme
• The ride towards the North Pole has become a big step closer! At the Belgian bike shop Felix & Jos they offered me to deliver a donor R1, necessary for the build of the North Pole Motorcycle.

R1 Goes Extreme F&J-shop
• On 14 and 15 May I attended the MCN Festival of Motorcycling in Peterborough. Lots of talking and of course selling my book ‘Life on 2 Wheels’ and documentary DVD ‘Sjaak the World’. But there I also met Supporters that want to ride symbolically with me towards the North Pole. Interested too?

R1 Goes Extreme - stand
R1 Goes Extreme Polar
R1 Goes Extreme Florentina

Friday 13 May

5-8 May 2016 HU-Germany R1 Goes Extreme
5-8 May 2016 HU-Germany R1 GoesExtreme
5-8 May 2016 HU-Germany-R1 Goes Extreme
• Attended the Horizon Unlimited meeting in Germany (5 – 8 May) In the evening I gave presentations there and during the day lots and lots of bike travel talk with adventure-loving bikers.

Heading for Peterborough-R1 Goes Extreme
• With my old Iveco van to the MCN Festival of Motorcycling in Peterborough, England.

• Just got offered a little spot on Touratech’s Travel Event 2016 for me and my Polar Ice Ride R1.

Friday 6 May

R1 Goes Extreme @ MotorCenterVenlo
• The MAIFEST at Motorcenter Venlo is done. Sociable, busy and lots of bike talks. Thanks everybody for paying a visit and Motorcenter Venlo, thanks for the well-organised event, and… thanks that my 3 racehorses could visit their stable again  🙂

R1 Goes Exteme, carbs
R1 Goes Extreme
• Pushing bikes in my Iveco van is not one of my favourite things to do, but because last year I nicked the carbs from the Polar Ice Ride R1 and put them on my World Travel R1, that is just what I had to do often. So it was high time to clean the old carbs that came of Florentina and mount them on the ice R1. Now 2 out of 3 bikes are running again!

HU-Germany 2016
• Together with 3 travel bikes, I am at the Horizon Unlimited meeting in Germany (5 – 8 May). I am one of the presenters. 2 Decades World Travel & Adventure, that’s where my new talk is about. I also have a stand, displaying my new book, ‘Life on 2 Wheels’, the Documentary DVD, ‘Sjaak the World’ and R1 goes Extreme Merchandise which is also available in my web shop.

Friday 29 April

Presentation Sjaak Lucassen in Belgium
• In the Belgium town Zottegem I was present during the Flying Saucer Bike Meeting from MC Devil Rowlers. Bad weather held many bikers back, but it was a very pleasant event!

Presentatie SjaakLucassen in HoonhorstPresentatie Sjaak Lucassen in Hoonhorst
• The Dutch King’s Night (night before our King’s birthday) I spent in Hoonhorst, where I gave a well-received R1 World Travel presentation in the preceding evening.

• My Iveco van is already loaded for the next event, the MAIFEST at Motorcenter Venlo. 1 May I will be there with 3 of my travel bikes. If you happen to be in the area, hop over for a visit!