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20 May.  Next Adventure

20 May. Next Adventure

Friday 20 May

R1 Goes Exteme
• The ride towards the North Pole has become a big step closer! At the Belgian bike shop Felix & Jos they offered me to deliver a donor R1, necessary for the build of the North Pole Motorcycle.

R1 Goes Extreme F&J-shop
• On 14 and 15 May I attended the MCN Festival of Motorcycling in Peterborough. Lots of talking and of course selling my book ‘Life on 2 Wheels’ and documentary DVD ‘Sjaak the World’. But there I also met Supporters that want to ride symbolically with me towards the North Pole. Interested too?

R1 Goes Extreme - stand
R1 Goes Extreme Polar
R1 Goes Extreme Florentina

13 May.  Busy times

13 May. Busy times

Friday 13 May

5-8 May 2016 HU-Germany R1 Goes Extreme
5-8 May 2016 HU-Germany R1 GoesExtreme
5-8 May 2016 HU-Germany-R1 Goes Extreme
• Attended the Horizon Unlimited meeting in Germany (5 – 8 May) In the evening I gave presentations there and during the day lots and lots of bike travel talk with adventure-loving bikers.

Heading for Peterborough-R1 Goes Extreme
• With my old Iveco van to the MCN Festival of Motorcycling in Peterborough, England.

• Just got offered a little spot on Touratech’s Travel Event 2016 for me and my Polar Ice Ride R1.

6 May.  Pushing or Riding?

6 May. Pushing or Riding?

Friday 6 May

R1 Goes Extreme @ MotorCenterVenlo
• The MAIFEST at Motorcenter Venlo is done. Sociable, busy and lots of bike talks. Thanks everybody for paying a visit and Motorcenter Venlo, thanks for the well-organised event, and… thanks that my 3 racehorses could visit their stable again  🙂

R1 Goes Exteme, carbs
R1 Goes Extreme
• Pushing bikes in my Iveco van is not one of my favourite things to do, but because last year I nicked the carbs from the Polar Ice Ride R1 and put them on my World Travel R1, that is just what I had to do often. So it was high time to clean the old carbs that came of Florentina and mount them on the ice R1. Now 2 out of 3 bikes are running again!

HU-Germany 2016
• Together with 3 travel bikes, I am at the Horizon Unlimited meeting in Germany (5 – 8 May). I am one of the presenters. 2 Decades World Travel & Adventure, that’s where my new talk is about. I also have a stand, displaying my new book, ‘Life on 2 Wheels’, the Documentary DVD, ‘Sjaak the World’ and R1 goes Extreme Merchandise which is also available in my web shop.

29 April. Flying Saucer in Belgium

29 April. Flying Saucer in Belgium

Friday 29 April

Presentation Sjaak Lucassen in Belgium
• In the Belgium town Zottegem I was present during the Flying Saucer Bike Meeting from MC Devil Rowlers. Bad weather held many bikers back, but it was a very pleasant event!

Presentatie SjaakLucassen in HoonhorstPresentatie Sjaak Lucassen in Hoonhorst
• The Dutch King’s Night (night before our King’s birthday) I spent in Hoonhorst, where I gave a well-received R1 World Travel presentation in the preceding evening.

• My Iveco van is already loaded for the next event, the MAIFEST at Motorcenter Venlo. 1 May I will be there with 3 of my travel bikes. If you happen to be in the area, hop over for a visit!