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17 May 2015
Riding back from the Horizons Unlimited Travelers meeting in Germany,
my R1 reached the 290,000 kilometer.

2015 05 17 R1goesExtreme-290.000 km

14 to 17 May 2015

Sjaak at the Horizons Unlimited Travellers Germany Summer 2015 meeting.
Among lots of other presenters he will give a 45 minute presentation about his Polar Ice Ride
and if they can schedule him in also one about his 1995-1998 Fireblade World Tour.
If you are interested and have the time, you are very welcome at:

Campingplatz Pfrimmtal
Pfrimmerhof 3
67729 Sippersfeld
49°33’07.0″N 7°57’38.0″E

Safe travels!

On special request of the Dutch Fireblade club, I again started with the slide show about the adventure in which I traveled some 160,000 km all over the globe during 3 years.
Except for the Dutch Fireblade club this presentation is also available for you.
Interested?! Check out the Presentations and see what options are available.
Hope to see you soon!
2015 04 12 Fireblade presentatie

5 March 2015
A first!

R1 World Tour Presentation at the Police Academy!

Police Academy