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Friday 31 December
week 1
• This week the last motorcycle kilometres of this year were covered. With 307,128 on her ODO metre, Florentina may enter the new year.

• Since I write this weekly update for my website, it becomes clear how much time I put in the bigger projects. Even between the holidays they kept me busy. Like the work on my book Life on 2 Wheels. Especially with the layout, the cover and a world map that is showing the route that I rode during my 2001-2006 R1 World Travel.

• Great motorcycle rides and lots of travel presentations in combination with a tour through Great Britain or even through the USA, pop in my mind while I think about 2016. We definitely go for it!
All, the best for 2016 and that you may realize your dreams.

Friday 25 December

• This week MCN placed the announcement, that among 7 other extreme motorcycle travelers, I may take place in their Inspirational Adventure Zone at the London Motorcycle Show. The preparations for this event have started.
2016 02 12 London show
• The first cover design for Life on 2 Wheels – showing a compilation of pictures – was beautiful but it was too much. In search for one picture that tells the whole story, we went through thousands of pictures. Doing so it turned out that my R1 World Travel took 1,980 days. When opening the very last file, the right one popped out. Murphy’s law! The picture was taken in the southern part of Iran.

Friday 18 December

• This week I sadly had to turn down an offer to attend a great winter meeting in Spain. Partly because it’s not exactly next door, but also because it doesn’t fit my preparation schedule for the London Motorcycle Show where my book Life on 2 Wheels will be launched.

• My friend Thijs Wessels send me a first design of the cover for Life on 2 Wheels. Unfortunately you will all have to wait to find out how that is going to look!

• And last, I hung up the Christmas lights in the six metre tall tree in my parents garden.

Friday 11 December

Dear Reader,

• Every Friday from this moment on, I will upload a short item about my highlights of the week.

•  At the moment I invest quite some time in getting my book ‘Life on 2 Wheels’, ready for printing. The launch will be during the London Bike Show in the Excel Exhibition Centre, 12th-14th February.

• This weekend I will give two R1 World travel presentations for motorcycle clubs in the Netherlands.

• That’s it for now.

Motorcycle greetings,


24 November 2015
2015 11 24 Sjaak Live De Blesse

Motorcycle Explorer Magazine article

Motorcycle Explorer Magazine article

13 November 2015
What’s in a Word?
Adventure Riding – The word that has come to mean many things to many people and perhaps runs the risk of meaning nothing at all anymore!

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2015 11 13 MEM site

Nice number…

Nice number…

11 November 2015

Nice number of visitors…

2015 11 11 888888 - site

20 November public presentation

20 November public presentation

2015 11 20 Sjaak live1