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November 2013
Adventure Bike Rider    #19 Out now!
Interview with Sjaak about his Polar Ice Ride.

ABR-PIR Nathan of Adventure Bike Rider visited The Netherlands to interview Sjaak!
2013 09 25 ABR-Nathan

17 October 2013
First part of the book “Life on 2 Wheels” available in a Kindle version.

Live on 2 wheels 619x828

August 2013
Sjaak gave a presentation at the Globetrotter Meeting in Austria.

2013 schwarzach   2013 schwarzach 2 - kopie
 2013  Schwarzach programma2013 Schwarzach treffen2013 schwarzach on rte

11 June 2013


Sjaak and his Polar Ice Ride in “Goeiemiddag Limburg”, the live programme on L1 TV.

View the broadcast. [in Dutch]

26 May 2013

Sjaak at the D-Day in Venlo
Here you can see how the Polar Ice Ride R1 and sled/trailer endured the challenge.
You can chat with Sjaak and at the same time the World Tour R1 and his Fireblade are on view.
See you!

2013 05 26 D-Day Venlo

23 May 2013

The Polar Ice Ride R1 + sled returned safely in the port of Rotterdam thanks to Mainport Forwarding.
Tomorrow Sjaak will unpack, so that on Sunday 26 May you can see them at the D-Day in Venlo.

PIR Mainport Forwarding

1 May 2013
“Back home again.
For me the adventure is over but not for you all.
Soon Clymer will launch more videos of my ride on the Polar Ice!
Stay tuned!

PIR Welcome

21 April 2013
“Since leaving the northernmost point of continental USA at Barrow in February, we traveled over the frozen Arctic ocean, ice roads, gravel roads, snow and ice covered roads, through snow, wind, rain but also a lot of sun, through bitter cold and now very hot, towards the southernmost point of continental USA at Key West.

Mission completed!”
PIR Key West

12-14 April 2013
Sjaak at the Moonshine Lunch Run, Moonshine, Illinois.


* Video by Jim Moore riding together with Sjaak to the Moonshine Run.

* Video by Randy Collins from
PIR Moonshine d

2013 04 06 HoAME site

10 April 2013
At the Clymer Tech Center.

PIR Clymer

 in Fairbanks Daily Miner.

2013 03 24 Fairbanks interview

20 March 2013
Halfway through the night Sjaak made it to Fairbanks!

PIR Cold

Friday – Saturday – Sunday
MB-Utrecht klein

R1-Sjaak’s book – app – dvd
for sale at the Hyperpro stand
Hall 7 F058

Aanbieding Banner 200x100jpeg
(offers at the fair only!)

19 February 2013
Today the adventure from the northernmost point of continental USA to the southernmost point started at Point Barrow.
To get there Sjaak had to adapt the bike and the sledge to the climate and ice conditions. This was only possible thanks to his new friends who live here and who know this environment.
Clifford, Nelson, Michael, Jacob, Charles and others, thank you guys!

PIR Point Barrow(photo: Michael Donovan)

18 February 2013
First test with the sledge on the polar ice north of Barrow.
When Sjaak turns the bike the sledge wants to go in a straight line.
It resulted in hitting the ice/snow a few times. That’s why he is going to use a long rope between the R1 and the sledge during the Polar Ice Ride.

PIR Ride

Now available
R1 Sjaak’s own  bike apps  a unique series created by XYZ-Imaging.
Support Sjaak, buy an app and use the enclosed 360 degrees 3D photo!

This is what the Polar Ice Ride app looks like… 

5 February 2013
The first view on the polar ice near Barrow.
People say its much rougher than in other years!!!
Can he ride this…

PIR First sight at PolarIce

31 January 2013
Sjaak left early this morning from Amsterdam airport.
At 16.30 p.m. the plane will land in Anchorage, Alaska !

PIR Speech
Sjaak gave a short speech at the farewell party last Saturday. [26 Jan.] 

24 January 2013

News paper “De Limburger.”
2013 01 24 krant
2013 01 24 De Limburger
(Click the link to read the pdf in Dutch)

23 January 2013

Clymer Manuals poster in honor of Sjaak’s Polar Ice Ride.

2013 01 23 Clymer-poster

22 January 2013

Interview with Sjaak in an article of Promotor. [in Dutch]

20 January 2013

Ready to go…
Wheels will be used only when Sjaak reaches land near Inuvik, Canada.
Photo by: Ronald Brandsma BV, the company which did the electrical for the R1 and sledge.

2013 01 20 R1 slee huis

19 January 2013
This is it!
The POLAR ICE RIDE R1 ready for action!
The picture was taken in a full view 360 degree studio, soon the result of that will be available.
You can already download the R1 in full view before it got customized at xyz-imaging for free!

2013 01 19 XYZ II - kopie

18 January 2013
All sponsors and supporters travel with me thanks to 
Remmerden Reclame.

2031 01 18 stickers-kl2031 01 18 stickers-kl 22031 01 18 stickers-kl 3

13 January 2013 

New logo designed by

Logo PIR

9 January 2013
Article in Motor Cycle News

2013 MCN 10 januari

6 January 2013
Test ride.

PIR-Test ride

2 January 2013
Listen to the interview [in Dutch] with Sjaak on radio-5-programme WekkerWakker!

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