R1 World Tour Videos

The 5 years and 5 months lasting world trip was captured by Sjaak on about 200 hours of film, with the idea to make a documentary of it which shows what travelling the world REALY is about.
Part of that footage circulates the internet for years, as single shot or as lovely video. Most of the videos were made to illustrate the MotoPort Magazine stories. Some of those still come across the internet. The next pages will show you all kinds of stuff; a fixed overview is hard to give.
Brandon Green of Evergreen Images, edited a documentary about this extreme adventure!

“Sjaak the World” Trailer…

The next 3 videos were made in order of Clymer Repair Manuals.

R1 Sjaak the World – Shock the World

Footage from Africa and South America, wonderfully composed bij Brandon Green for Clymer.

R1 Sjaak the World – Sjaak in Africa

A mix of footage taken in Africa.

R1 Sjaak the World – Sjaak in South America

A mix of footage taken in South America.

The next 7 simple videos supported the MotoPort Magazine stories, written by Sjaak.