R1 World Tour 2001-2006 modifications

A summary of the adjustments to the Yamaha R1, 2001.

Adapted and strengthened the sub frame to attach the top and two side trunks, consisting of 1,5 mm thick aluminium.

Placed an aluminium box in the space below the tank for a spare chain.

Placed a small rack on the steering stem. While riding that’s the storage for the 4 trunk locks and the GPS.

Van Wylick strengthened the aluminium stay fairing on both sides with 3 mm thick aluminium plates.

Joined the mirror supports underneath the fairing screen with a thick strip of aluminium to prevent breaking from vibrations.

Placed a Laser exhaust pipe because the original was too long. Even shortened this one 5 cm and provided it with a bent end so the hot air wont blow against the spare Metzeler tires.

Placed a Cyclelok alarm with trunk protection, so I don’t have to lay awake!

Placed a Hyperpro steering damper so I’ll keep stability even though I’ve got much weight at the back. Also to prevent shaking if I ride with a front tyre which is far over the ‘police limit’.
(In the Sahara it turned out to be a great benefit)

Used fully synthetic Putoline oil.

Placed a K&N air filter.

Placed an Osco chainoiler to extend the life span of the chain and sprockets.
Also because it’s almost impossible to lubricate by hand due to the placing of the trunks.

Placed a Fuel star between the fuel pipe. It adds tin to the fuel and extra lubricates the valves, so that I can ride with a lower (6 points) octane number.

Placed a cigarette lighter plug. The 12 volt from this I use to charge the batteries of my video camera and laptop.

Built in an adaptor for GPS supply.

Built in an adaptor for mini disc player supply.

Placed an on/off switch between the supply of the right headlight. In this way I can save current and still ride with light on.

Placed a relay for the extra brake lights in the side trunks.

Glued dead angle mirrors in the original ones.

Had a jerry can made of 9 litres (on top) and 2 jerry cans of 3.5 litres (at the back).

Filled every empty space with spare parts.

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