Polar Ice Ride 2013 Preparations

24 December 2012
For this challenge Putoline specially developed the 4T POLAR.
This oil is still liquid at -51ºC / 60ºF, while regular oil has a pour point of approx. -25ºC / -13ºF.
PIR-Putoline Polar oil

26 December 2012
Adventure Food breakfast, meals and energy drinks for about forty days!
PIR-Adventure food

28 December 2012
Brandsma makes the cable harness for the sled and the necessary wires on the R1.
They also made this control panel holding 6 switches for the heated clothing.
The specially made curly cable goes into my Lookwell polar overall
where it will be connected to the Klan clothing.

PIR-Control panel heated clothing

6 January 2013
Test ride.
PIR-Test ride

13 January 2013
New logo designed by wesselskarikaturen.nl
Logo PIR

13 January 2013
Ride-On Motortours supplied a 220V-100W wire which, after winding around the carburetors will preheat them.
PIR-Carburetors preheating

13 January 2013
Carburetors with a layer of aluminium tape.
PIR-Carburetors insulation

Electrical engineers of Brandsma B.V. fitted the sledge with a wire harness and LED lighting.
The R1 got an extra Xenon lighting, electrical modifications and a central regulating unit for the electrical heated clothing and helmet.

18 January 2013
All sponsors and supporters travel with me thanks to Remmerden Reclame
PIR-Stickers printed


19 January 2013
This is it! The POLAR ICE RIDE R1 ready for action!
The picture was taken in a full view 360 degree studio, soon the result of that will be available.
You can already download the R1 in full view before it got customized at xyz-imaging
Polar Ice Ride R1 ready for action

20 January 2013
Photo session in suitable weather.

Ready to go…
Wheels will be used only when Sjaak reaches land near Inuvik, Canada.
Photo by: Ronald Brandsma BV, the company which did the electrical for the R1 and sledge.
PIR Klaar

Sponsors 2013 Polar Ice Ride

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