Polar Ice Ride 2013 Preparations

Preparations 23 June 2012

Logo PIR

Flyer: about the donation of the bike which took place on Saturday 23 June, 2012.

PIR MotorCornerFlyer

Speech from Mr Hoogstraten of MotorCenter / MotorCorner.


first – World Tour R1 “Florentina”
second – Sjaak’s newest R1
third – the Fireblade.

Mr Hoogstraten of MotorCorner.nl & MotorCenterVenlo hands over the key.

Sleutel overdracht

Thanks to them this dream finally takes shape!

30 July 2012

30 July 2012
Polypla a company which makes swimming pools among others things, sees a great challenge in designing and building the ‘Polar Ice Ride sledge. Because of their enormous experience with plastics, I’m extremely happy with Polypla as a sponsor. The first drawing(s) are expected soon!

9 August 2012
Just ordered two new classic tires.
After getting them a retread by www.reifen-immler.de and fitt them with studs from best-grip.com they should be ready for the polar ice!
For the rear I use a 700-16 which is 78 centimetre (30.5 inch) in diameter.
For the front I use a 550-17 which is 71,5 centimetre (28 inch) in diameter.


14 August 2012
Thanks to Ard Pastoor I now have a 16 inch rim, but can I adapt it to fit the R1?

PIR-Received the FJ rim

15 August 2012
Just got a message that the Goodrich tire is not available.
They send me this one instead.

PIR-Classic tyre

25 August 2012

25 August 2012
Polar Ice Ride tires arrived!

PIR-Tyres arrived

28 August 2012
The Polar Ice Ride tires are mounted on the rims by Motor Service Vierlingsbeek.

PIR-Polar tyres on rims

11 September 2012
One front fork is extended with 10cm/4inches. When both forks are ready I can lower them to fit the huge front wheel.
The extension looks simple, but isn’t because it replaces the cap bolt which holds the springs preload adjuster and rebound adjuster.
Thanks to the inventers of the OSCO chainoiler who were so kind to built it for me.

PIR-Extended front fork

18 September 2012

18 September 2012
First drawings from Polypla, the company who is going to build the sled.
PIR-Eerste tekening

28 September 2012

PIR-Fitting the rear wheel

7 October 2012

2012 10 07 R1-app

Download now for free this full view 360-degree image of the Polar Ice Ride R1.

Soon this image and images of Sjaak’s other bikes will be available in Bike Apps made by


16 October 2012
At Reifen-Immler they’ll put the Polar Ice Ride Tread on the classic car tires that I’m going to use on the R1. The Cross 1 pattern – for the rear tire – will be used in its full width. From the Cross 3 pattern – for the front tire – the outside row of nobs will be cut off. An approximately 16 cm / 6 inch wide tread will remain.
PIR-Tread rear tyre

Sponsors 2013 Polar Ice Ride