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Monday 19 September 2016

In my mind I’ve been planning the ride to the North Pole, for many years now. It will become a huge challenge, especially financial. The necessity of a guide, fuel and supply droppings and a plane or helicopter having standby for evacuation in case of emergency adds up the costs enormously.

Before searching for finances, I wanted to get things arranged, the right people on board and be sure that the adventure is going to take place. By doing so, I struggled to get this project going and thought: what the heck, do it like your previous adventures, let’s just start!

And that’s what I did. Thanks to the support of Motorhuis Felix & Jos, a motorcycle shop in Belgium, I got a donor R1 and now the project starts growing. I’m sure the bike that I’m building is capable of getting to the North Pole. I can’t guarantee if I’ll ever make it there. That is up to conditions which I don’t have control of, but you know me 😉 I’ll do my utmost to fulfil my biggest dream. My previous adventures have proven that if there is a way, I will find it! If I can’t go to the North Pole I will go to the South Pole… first! One thing is for sure, a big adventure will take place!!!

You can take part in that adventure. By supporting me you get your name/club/company/logo on the Supporters Flag that I take with me. During every special occasion and of course when reaching our final goal, I will take a picture and send it to you digitally. This way you symbolically travel with me wherever the next adventure will bring us.

Our first goal is the build of the North Pole Motorcycle. Via the next options you can take part!

€ 10,-

Your name, club or website [small] in the column on the right.

€ 20,-

Your name, club or website [big] in the column on the right.

€ 100,-

Your name, club, website, company, logo or photo in 1 rectangular section (15 cm x 10 cm = app. 6 inch x 4 inch).

1 Free copy of the paperback about my R1 World Travel ‘Life on 2 Wheels’, send to you by post.

€ 200,-  and up For every one hundred euro

A rectangular section for your name, club, website, company, logo or photo.

A free copy of the paperback about my R1 World Travel ‘Life on 2 Wheels’.

A free documentary DVD about me and my travels ‘Sjaak the World’.

* * * To get a nice and orderly looking flag, all logos will be arranged from big to small, from top left to bottom right, before the final printing.

* * * The picture of me in the Lookwell Polar Ice overall is placed on the flag through Photoshop and will, as well as the Photoshop creation of the North Pole Bike, not be visible on the final flag. The picture of me was indeed taken in the high and especially then cold north.

* * * Want to supply us with your logo? Please sent it in high quality →

Feel free to write an email if there are any questions.

Thanks for your support !

Best, Sjaak


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Desired name on the flag
Phone number (just in case)

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