Alaska 2009 Videos

Part 29 Ice And Snow

It is nice to be able to put both feet on the surface while riding. Therefore Doris lowers her BMW a bit. Special Hyperpro springs make it possible to decrease the height 4.3in/11cm at the back and 2.4in/6cm in the front.

Part 30 Canada – Alaska border

A flat tire for Doris or heavy snow, it cannot keep them from reaching the border.

Part 31 World Ice Art Championships (part I)

Over snow and ice roads Sjaak and Doris reach the city of Fairbanks, where they get invited by Kevin & Any to stay in their home. Here they make final preparations to cover the extreme part to the north. There is also time for an outing to the World Ice Art Championships where they even come across a Dutch team.

Part 32 World Ice Art Championships (part II)

The results of the sculptors at the World Ice Art Championships in Fairbanks, Alaska.