Alaska 2009 Videos

Part 25 Helge Pedersen

After a meeting with world traveller Helge Pedersen they swop the USA for Canada, where snow awaits them.

Part 26 Placing Spikes

The first real snow appears. Time to place the Best Grip spikes. In order to prevent flat inner tubes they use on advice of former ice speedway racer Roelof Thijs pieces of fire hose. During Sjaak’s earlier winter adventures this turned out to be very effectually.

Part 27 Starting the bikes at -18°F/-28°C

At temperatures below -4°F/-20°C an ordinary battery doesn’t do the job anymore. Therefore the extra Odyssey batteries (which were indispensable) were connected to the electric circuit. Besides the 0.126in/3,2mm spikes, spikes of 0.3in/7,5mm are screwed in because of a thick layer of snow on the Alaska Highway.

Part 28 Sign Post Forest

Fantastic sunsets, buffalos and super-fast passing trucks. Sjaak and Doris arrive at the famous Sign Post Forest. This forest of signs has its origin in WWII, when a soldier during construction of the Alaska Highway got homesick and placed a sign of his hometown.