Alaska 2009 Videos

Part 18 Ted Simon

Ted Simon rounded the earth in the seventies on a Triumph. Reading his book Jupiter’s Travels increased Sjaak’s urge to travel and ever since he hopes to once meet Ted. Finally that moment is there.

Reismotor (Dutch for Travel bike)

A glimpse at the editing room of Reismotor where Marcus and Ripko take care of the latest footage and place it on the internet to share the adventure almost live with everyone. Their particular effort deserves a particular space for the Reismotor sticker.

Part 19 Redwood Forest

330ft/100m Tall Sequoias. Doris disappears bike and all in such a coastal mammoth tree.

Part 20 Camp Out

That they’ll have to camp in the extreme cold is quite certain. Therefore they carry Carinthia sleeping bags which in combination with Carinthia clothing should keep them warm while sleeping in their Hilleberg tent at -40°F/-40°C.