Alaska 2009 Videos

Part 3 Statue Of Liberty

Even globetrotters can’t get away from a visit to the Statue of Liberty…

Part 4 Packed Up And Ready

After a visit to a very special McDonald’s they sent their winter gear to Touratech Seattle, because they will only need that from there. Then, the longed for moment is there: they can set out!

Part 5 Heading South

On their way south the couple arrives in Virginia. People cannot understand their goal is Alaska in winter.

Part 6 Triangle Cycles

Sjaak and Doris settle down in Danville at Triangle Cycles. Owner Rusty let Sjaak do some maintenance during his R1 world tour. They are extended a hearty welcome and receive all help in making the bikes ready to set out, something they didn’t finish at home due to a lack of time. They get shelter and a good meal, therefore THANKS.