Alaska 2009 Videos

Part 33 Dalton Highway

A winding Dalton Highway follows the Alaska pipeline.
A bridge leads the adventurers to the frozen Yukon River and a pause at the polar circle is a nice moment to break into the spare fuel.

Part 34 Attican Pass

While riding through the serene landscape the duo passes the dangerous Attican Pass where many accidents happen.

Part 35 Prudhoe Bay (finish)

After a heavy and very challenging trip over more than 10,000mi/16.000km Sjaak and Doris have arrived in Deadhorse. The last bit to the Arctic Ocean is restricted area due to the oilfields of Prudhoe Bay. Thanks to Gary of Cruz Construction they get a very rarely permission, but in a car and under escort, to cover the final 8mi/13km.
Here ends the wonderful Alaskan adventure!

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