Alaska 2009 Videos

Preparations…Alaska 2009


Sjaak tells about the plan.

Introduction Alaskan Adventure (in Dutch only)


R1-Sjaak about his travelling companion Doris Wiedemann, the plans and the preparations.

The extreme winter adventure of R1-Sjaak together with Doris Wiedemann riding from Florida, USA to the north of Alaska was extensively captured on film. They even used two helmet cameras. Almost daily they sent a selection of the footage via the internet to where Marcus and Ripko sacrificied their sleep to edit amazing YouTube videos of it. All over the world people were able to follow the challenge ‘live’.
For those who might have missed it back then; watch the whole adventure here!

Part 1 Departure

Part 1 Departure

31 December 2008, the moment supreme. Sjaak leaves the Netherlands by train and celebrates New Year in Frankfurt, Germany. On the very first day of 2009 a plane takes them from there to New York. In a warehouse they trace the crate made by Meilink containing the bikes, which was shipped by MOL-Logistics. Did the bikes survive the long sea journey?

Part 2 Unpacking-Mounting-Starting

Part 2 Unpacking-Mounting-Starting

The bikes come out of the crate undamaged, get reassembled and fired up.