Sponsors and subsponsors

To make such challenge into effect, much help is desirable in the shape of material, labour, expertise and not in the last, finances.

Various companies spontaneously contributed.

Below a brief outline, with mostly a short specification of their support.

Many thanks for the dedication!

It definitely would not have been possible without it!!!

Yamaha Motor Nederland www.yamaha-motor.nl

MotoPort Nederland www.motoport.nl

Lookwell Bike Fashion www.lookwell.nl
Special manufactured winter overall, a to my wish adjusted textile outfit, wind stoppers, gloves, balaclavas etc.

Klan Heating Equipment www.klansrl.com
Electric heated clothing from head to foot.

Putoline Oil www.putoline.com

Hyperpro www.hyperpro.com
Adapted suspension.

Touratech www.touratech.com
Side panniers, muffs, Xenon light, camera mountings and help in preparing the bikes for wintry conditions.

Van der Wouden Techniek www.vanderwoudentechniek.nl
Strenghtening the subframe.

Arai Helmet www.araihelmet-europe.com
Helmet, electric heated visor.

MOL-Logistics www.mol-logistics.nl
Help in transporting the bikes to the USA and back.

Osco Chain Oiler www.osco.nl

Held Biker Fashion www.held.de
Underclothing, Cardu communication system, neck collars.

Carinthia www.carinthia-bags.com
2 Separate sleeping bags and clothing, together comfortable up to -40°C.

Odyssey Battery www.eurobatterietechnik.de
Battery that still works at -40°C !

Hilleberg www.hilleberg.com

Jo Stevens Las- en Constructiewerken www.stevenskonstruktie.nl
Producing a rack on which the panniers were mounted.

Fainox Stainless Steel Products www.fainox.nl
To my wish manufactured top box.

Metzeler banden www.metzeler.com
Set normal tyres.

Reifen Immler
Vulcanizing a snow profile on the existing carcass of a front and rear tyre.

Meilink Industriële verpakkingen www.meilinkboxmeer.nl
Help in making a crate for shipping the bikes.

Diadora www.diadora.com
Motor boots.

Therm-a-rest www.cascadedesigns.com
Winter mattress.

Therm-ic Products www.therm-ic.com
Battery heated motor boot insoles.

Best Grip www.best-grip.com

Sorel www.sorel.com
Winter shoes.

M & S Solution www.m-u-s.com
Ultra light and compact battery charger.

Columbia www.columbia.com

CaTeC www.catec.nl
Temperature data logger.

Minifusspumpe www.minifusspumpe.de
Mini tyre pump.

Geotate www.geotate.com
System to file coordinates into digital photos.

Sportscam helmcamera www.x-sportscam.nl
Having to our disposal POV.1 helmet camera.

Blickvang helmkameras www.blickvang.de
Having to our disposal POV.1 helmet camera.

Bags Connection
Tank bag.

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