Alaska 2009 Clothing

Clothing from head to toe.


Wearing the right clothing is of vital importance to arm oneself against the potential deadly climate. We had a wide range to our disposal from which I daily selected, depending on the minimum temperature expected. Just once in a while I actually wore the hereunder mentioned outfit at the same time.

2 pair of Booster warming socks, electric heated socks by Klan over that and for the outer layer Yamaha snowmobile boots.

Lower part of the body:
Held thermal underwear. Klan electric heated trousers. Knox Cold Killers thermal trousers and over that the Lookwell insulated Endeavour motorcycle pants.

Held thermal undershirt. Electric heated inner coat combined with a Klan overcoat. Next layers were a Cold Killers Wind Buddy with a Lookwell insulated textile Endeavour jacket.

Lookwell Polar overall with 3 layers of insulation.

Sometimes Cold Killers undergloves or the Klan heated inner gloves under the Klan heated outer gloves. Touratech muffs.

Booster neck warmer.

Knox Cold Killers balaclava. Arai helmet with heated visor.

Balaclavas of Held and GC. A Held neck warmer. My own fleece vest. Wind stopper coat and trousers of Carinthia. Term-ic battery heated soles.

Just in case:
Long underwear and socks for swapping (laundry). The spare heated socks and trousers could also be used as an extra layer if necessary.

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