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“Motorcycle riding at -30°C/-22°F on snow and icy roads.”

Sjaak live presentation winter

R1-Sjaak gives a presentation about his extreme winter adventures towards the far north!

° In the middle of winter to the North Cape, the northernmost point of Europe!
° Being the support act of the World Championship Ice Speedway!
° In midwinter from Florida to the frozen Arctic Ocean in northern Alaska!
° The war of attrition to man and machine on the Polar Ice near Alaska!

Sjaak live Polar Ice Test ride

About how such insanity gets in someone’s head and the main question, what’s his ultimate goal?
About preparation and (because nobody can tell you how to do it, simply because it hasn’t been done) the associated learning process.
About the routes, hazards and costs.
About anecdotes, nostalgia and dreams.
About 80 different types of snow, spikes and R1 winter tires.
About the unexpected and about how man and machine survived the battle.

All this and much more, performed with a great sense of humour, enlivened with videos and photos, makes this presentation an unbelievable experience.

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A Foretaste…

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“Wandering around the World with a motorcycle for 5 Years.”

Sjaak live SaharaR1-Sjaak gives a presentation about his 250.000km/155,000mi long adventure through 75 countries!

Passage on a cocaine boat • Blasting dynamite in Bolivia • Crossing the Sahara • A motorcycle as hand luggage in a Russian plane • Speed record on the world’s largest salt lake • Stalin’s Road of Bones
River crossing in a dugout • In love with a Venezuelan beauty

Breakdowns • Weather conditions • Food • Camping • Mud paths • Sponsors • Repairs • Accidents • Breaking new ground • Civil war • Border perils • Finances • Visas • Nostalgia • Police • Bureaucracy
Diseases • Routes • Shipments • Hazards • Helpfulness • Dreams

All this and much more, performed with a great sense of humour, enlivened with videos and photos, makes this presentation an unbelievable experience.

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A foretaste …

► ► Winter Rides presentation

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R1-Sjaak live.

Sjaak live

Enjoy R1-Sjaak talking live about his adventures!
Sjaak has a story for the young and old, tall or small, community centres or companies, from nurses till fire-fighters, adventurers till easy chair enjoyers and of course the motorcycle-loving public.

An evening or afternoon long presentation, several short presentations during open days, pep talk or simply relaxed chatting while hanging around the bike that was used during the challenge, everything is possible!

You can choose from the Fireblade World Tour, R1 World TourWinter Rides, Polar Ice Ride or simply meet Sjaak.

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Logo PIR

Polar Ice Ride introduction video !

Brrrr.. www.wesselskarikaturen.nl

Dear reader,
Travelling is like an addiction to me, but one with good sides. When people speak of an addiction they say: “From bad to worse”. In my case this should be called: “Becoming ever more extreme.” Yet inner, that is certainly not a MUST, rather a result. Riding once very far towards the north is something I daydreamed about for years. That’s why I took the wintry rides to the North Cape and to the north of Alaska. The end of the world according to many, but is that true? For me the end of the land mass is called the beginning of adventure! THERE, where to arctic ice seduces! THERE, where a dream is to realize!


At the end of January 2013 the big moment was there. On a Yamaha R1 model 2000 donated by Motorcorner.nl, I started the challenge to ride a motorcycle all the way from the northernmost tip of continental United States to its southernmost tip.

2012 06 23 Sleutel

“Piece of cake! That’s done so often! Anyone who is a bit of a motor biker can ride from Deadhorse in Alaska to Key West in Florida”, I hear upon this. The latter is true. But Deadhorse is the northernmost point that you can reach by public ROAD and by far isn’t the northernmost tip. That lays at Barrow and towards Barrow runs NO road! Therefore the plan was to let the trip run via the frozen Beaufort Sea, something that at my knowledge hasn’t been done before. To keep it a real motorcycle journey, I had put myself some limits on. Like travelling the entire distance by using the bike’s strength and my own, so no physical help from others. Also, I did not use a third wheel or skis to stay upright.

PIR Ice-Snow

For a good night’s rest, a super warm Carinthia sleeping bag goes without saying. From Clifford, one of my extremely helpful new friends in Barrow, I got a thick army sleeping bag. Together with the Carinthia sleeping bag I didn’t get cold at any time.

Northernmost point at Barrow

Cooking to eat, and even more important to melt snow to drinking water, I could do on a gas stove. (in the sledge) Culinary delights are not to be expected. It was limited to the preparation of breakfast and meals from Adventure Food and some soup.

So, just surviving!ijsberen8

PIR 2013 All sponsors

Sponsors 2013 Polar Ice Ride

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