24 December 2012

24 December 2012
For this challenge Putoline specially developed the 4T POLAR.
This oil is still liquid at -51ºC / 60ºF, while regular oil has a pour point of approx. -25ºC / -13ºF.
PIR-Putoline Polar oil

26 December 2012
Adventure Food breakfast, meals and energy drinks for about forty days!
PIR-Adventure food

28 December 2012
Brandsma makes the cable harness for the sled and the necessary wires on the R1.
They also made this control panel holding 6 switches for the heated clothing.
The specially made curly cable goes into my Lookwell polar overall
where it will be connected to the Klan clothing.

PIR-Control panel heated clothing

6 January 2013
Test ride.
PIR-Test ride

13 January 2013
New logo designed by wesselskarikaturen.nl
Logo PIR

13 January 2013
Ride-On Motortours supplied a 220V-100W wire which, after winding around the carburetors will preheat them.
PIR-Carburetors preheating