6 November 2012

6 November 2012
The construction of the sled at Vemewa is ready.
Now Polypla can start mounting a skin from Lexan.
The wheels – which we’ll mount later – are for the trip down to Key West, Florida once I leave the polar ice.
PIR-Construction ready
This adventure will be made possible with help of Clymer.comMotorcorner.nl – P+Steel and many more!

8 November 2012
The Polypla company is mounting a skin of super-light Lexan on the R1 sled.
PIR-Builders at Polypla

13 November 2013
Motorketting the company which is going to make the rear sprocket checked what maximum size sprocket will fit. It turned out to be 80 tooth!
PIR-Rear sprocket

24 November 2012
After finishing the polar ice stretch the journey continues overland towards Key West, Florida. Therefore the rear of the sled will be fitted with an axle, wheels, tires and a brake rotor from a kart. At Vemewa they are building an R1 break calliper on and also the connection pieces for the axle to go with the sled.
PIR-Trailer axle

25 November 2012
How to pull a sled over the polar ice with an R1.
PIR-How to pull a sled
www.vemewa.nl   www.pplussteelsupplies.nl