# 8

6 April 2013
“It is wonderful to ride through the endless landscape.
Sometimes I need to pay attention because of gusty cross winds, though!
Today I crossed the border. Rode down to Great Falls and via route 3 to Billings.
Now I’m in Hardin at route I 90. Tomorrow I hope to see Mt Rushmore and then head for Kansas to attend the Heart of America Club Meeting.PIR Montana

7 April 2013
“I swapped Montana for Wyoming pretty early today. Not much later the trailer started shaking. The castor suspension was torn and partly loose. Luckily this happened just before Sheridan. At a speed of 15 mi/ 25 km per hour I jogged over there to have it all fixed. Eventually I rode the short distance to Buffalo.”
PIR Wyoming

10 April 2013
At the Clymer Tech Center.
PIR ♥ of America PIR Clymer

12-14 April 2013

Sjaak at the Moonshine Lunch Run, Moonshine, Illinois.

Video  by Jim Moore riding together with Sjaak to the Moonshine Run.

Video by Randy Collins from theICEdevice.com

PIR Moonshine a
PIR Moonshine b

PIR Moonshine c

PIR Moonshine d

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