# 7

31 March 2013
“I’m in Sasquatch Crossing, British Columbia. I enjoyed a temperature above zero at last. Glorious!
It is so nice to see rippling water in the creeks. That makes everything so much more alive!”
PIR Welcome British Columbia

1 April 2013
“I’m in a tiny town called Beaverlodge, Alberta, Canada.
Today I passed through Dawson Creek where the Alaska Highway starts and for me ended!
On to the Rocky Mountains…”
PIR Alaska Highway

2 April 2013
“No picture today and little to tell, except that I have a flat trailer tire again and the R1 isn’t running smoothly. It feels like a typical spark problem. This sounds more dramatic than it is, just put in new sparks and the spare tube in the tubeless and I’m on the road again.
I’m in Hinton, about 43mi / 70km north of Jasper.
Via Banff I will head for Calgary.”

3 April 2013
“Somewhere on the road between Jasper and Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada.”
PIR From Jasper to Lake Louise

4 April 2013
“Today was a ‘day of rest’…
Because the R1 was still running bad I put back the original jets which I replaced in Barrow because of the cold.
I also visited Lake Louise which attracts over 10.000 tourists a day in summer with its emerald colour and clear water.”
PIR Lake Louise

5 April 2013
“From Lake Louise to Lethbridge, where the new trailer tires of KDP-racing were waiting for me, is 248 mi /400 km.
Thanks to New-Way Motorsports they were fitted right away.
It is wonderful not having to ride slow- tire-saving.
Finally I was able to try the stability of the trailer.
It turns out to follow me perfectly. 55 miles per hour is no problem at all.
For me that’s a stroke of luck, which allows me to make much better mileage per day than I expected!”
PIR Lethbridge