25 October 2012

25 October 2012
The front wheel is mounted in the extended forks at Vemewa.
PIR-Front wheel in extended forks

27 October 2012
Extended forks and swing arm with the Polar Ice Ride wheels.
Still a lot to build to get an operating R1!
In January the adventure will start north of Alaska.
PIR-PolarIce wheels mounted

3 November 2012
The build of the R1 sled in progress at Vemewa.
PIR-Sled in progress
This adventure will be made possible with help of Clymer.com and Motorcorner.nl

5 November 2012
The 24 jerry cans – holding 240 litre of fuel – like they will be positioned under my bed inside the sled.
In total I will carry about 300 litres.
Jerrycans sponsored by Jabo Landbouw Technische Handel in Maashees.