# 10

25 April 2013
PIR Bike in sled

27 April 2013
“The sledge with the bike and travel gear inside sits on a pallet and is protected with cardboard which I wrapped in plastic foil.
The blue tarp is only for the transport on the road.
Andy who invited me to stay in his house is so kind to take halve a day of work to bring it to a warehouse in Miami. Thanks a lot Andy!
From here Mainport Forwarding will take care of it and bring it back to the Netherlands.”

PIR Andy with his trailer

1 May 2013
“Back home again.
For me the adventure is over but not for you all.
Soon Clymer will launch more videos of my ride on the Polar Ice!
Stay tuned!
PIR Welcome

23 May 2013
The Polar Ice Ride R1 + sledge returned safely in the port of Rotterdam thanks to Mainport Forwarding.
Tomorrow Sjaak will unpack, so that on Sunday 26 May you can see them at the D-Day in Venlo.
PIR Mainport-Forwarding

11 June 2013
Sjaak with the Polar Ice Ride bike in “Goeiemiddag Limburg”, the live TV programme.

Have a look at the broadcast

Sponsors 2013 Polar Ice Ride

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