# 1

20 January 2013
Ready to go…
Wheels will be used only when Sjaak reaches land near Inuvik, Canada.
Photo by: Ronald Brandsma BV, the company which did the electrical for the R1 and sledge.
PIR Klaar

25 January 2013
The Polar Ice Ride R1 and sledge are on their way to Alaska now.
Mainport Forwarding B.V. takes charge for the air transport and Van Veelen took care of packing.
PIR Packed

31 January 2013
Sjaak left from Amsterdam airport early this morning.
At 16.30 p.m. the plane will land in Anchorage, Alaska !
PIR Speech
Sjaak gave a short speech at the farewell party last Saturday. [26 Jan.] 

Logo PIR

1 February 2013
The customs lady in Anchorage remembered Sjaak from 2005 when he flew his bike out to Magadan in Russia during the world travel.
Like then, she was very friendly and helpful and without any difficulties the cargo, which was flown to Alaska by Mainport Forwarding got released.
PIR Customs Anchorage

1 February 2013
Thanks to the help of Yamaha Anchorage the Polar Ice Ride R1 and sledge were picked up at the airport.
PIR Yamaha Anchorage

5 February 2013
The first view on the polar ice near Barrow.
People say its much rougher than in other years!!!
Can he ride this…
PIR First sight at PolarIce