# 5

18 March 2013
This morning I left Deadhorse, I was only just on the Dalton Highway when the sled pulled my bike to the right. Flat tire on the sled, I thought, but it turned out that the weld on the axle of the castor was broken, so that wheel was sitting crooked. Camp/HSE manager, Todd of the Deadhorse Magtec Camp told me that I could always call if anything was the matter.
So I did, and he took the sled back to his camp on a trailer.
Now everything is ready for the next attempt!
PIR Todd in Deadhorse

On the Dalton Highway…

At the foot of the Atigun Pass, it looks peaceful but it was hell on this side of the pass.
Strong wind and a temperature of -27ºC / -16,6F.
PIR Atigun Pass

The Arctic circle.
PIR Arctic Circle

20 March 2013
Halfway through the night Sjaak made it to Fairbanks!
PIR Cold

24 March 2013
Thanks to Frozen Motor Works in Fairbanks I can continue my adventure.
Jon, thank you for your help!
With a strengthened castor suspension and another rear tire I head for Canada.
This isn’t a knobby tire and it doesn’t have a winter profile.
Don’t know if that will work, especially uphill…
PIR Frozen Motor Works

Interview in Fairbanks Daily Miner.
PIR Newsminer

25 March 2013
Sjaak rode from Fairbanks to Delta Junction were the Alaska Highway ‘ends’ at mile 1422.
For him the Alcan Highway starts here!
Overnight stop at Tok, about 93 mi / 150 km from the Canadian border.
PIR Delta Junction