# 9

15 April 2013
The world’s largest wind chime in Casey, Illinois.
PIR Largest wind chime

18 April 2013
Thanks to NPRDucati.com in Athens, Georgia, I quickly received a new chain and chain roller.
This chain will probably not last as long as the ‘original’ one from motorketting.nl but it should easily make it through the final 3 riding days to Key West!

PIR New chain

20 April 2013
“We made it into Florida!
If all goes well I hope to reach the southernmost point of continental USA in Key West on Saturday afternoon.”

* Anyone around who wants to join me on that last stretch? *
PIR Florida

21 April 2013
“Since leaving the northernmost point of continental USA at Barrow in February, we traveled over the frozen Arctic ocean, ice roads, gravel roads, snow and ice covered roads, through snow, wind, rain but also a lot of sun, through bitter cold and now very hot, towards the southernmost point of continental USA at Key West.

Mission completed!”
PIR Key West

25 April 2013
“Motorcycle enthusiasts Andy & Angie invited me to stay in their house in Homestead. In their backyard I build a pallet for the trailer – which became a sledge again – and the bike to ship it back to The Netherlands. After a hard day’s work the pool is waiting.”
PIR Crating