2 September. Great news!!!

Friday 2 September

Great news!!!
Donor-R1-Goes Extreme
• Thanks to the support of Motorhuis Felix & Jos I have a donor R1. My dream starts to become reality!!!
Since long I am planning on riding to the North Pole. After several winter rides in the extreme cold I have a pretty good idea about how to build a bike that is capable of reaching that far corner of the world, facing the hardest climate you can imagine.

(On this site you can read the intro about the trip, watch a short video clip and read how the special motorcycle is going to be build. Please also check out Support and who knows, maybe you become part of this adventure. Read all about it on • Adventures • North Pole)

• The actual build of the North Pole Bike can now start thanks to all of you that support me, from all over the world.

• Finding an approximately 60 cm / 24 inch wide rear tyre is next!

R1 Goes Exteme