# 4

10 March 2013
Satellite phone message:

Covered 47mi / 77km in bird’s-eye view on the ice, today.
Final 6mi / 10km very difficult, took hours.

Coordinates of the spot where we sleep N71.01.938 W154.39.281
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Good to know…
PIR Search and Rescue

11 March 2013
Satellite phone message:

Had to replace oil filter again.
Still rode 24mi / 40km today.
Snow has hardened a bit now, but its a struggle.
Fell once today.
Front part of the R1 is now in tent to keep the engine ‘warm’.

Overnight stop at: N70.53.078 W153.35.345
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12 March 2013
Satellite phone message:

Covered 39 mi / 63 km in bird’s-eye view today.
Fell once.
Via the Harrison Bay we’re heading for Nuiqsut.
Hope to reach it tomorrow.

Overnight stop at N70.35.522 W152.06.290
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13 March 2013
Satellite phone message:

We made it to Nuiqsut!
But it was a struggle, fell twice and I am totally exhausted!
It is -27.4°F / -33°C as we go to sleep now.

Hope to get the axle for the sled and my other stuff tomorrow, so I can continue my trip on land!

17 March 2013
Today Sjaak put the sled on wheels behind the R1 and rode from Nuiqsut to Deadhorse.
Everything went okay!
Spontaneously he got invited at the MagTec Camp to stay overnight.
Tomorrow he will head south and if all goes well, cross the Attigun Pass.

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