30 July 2012

30 July 2012
Polypla a company which makes swimming pools among others things, sees a great challenge in designing and building the ‘Polar Ice Ride sledge. Because of their enormous experience with plastics, I’m extremely happy with Polypla as a sponsor. The first drawing(s) are expected soon!

9 August 2012
Just ordered two new classic tires.
After getting them a retread by www.reifen-immler.de and fitt them with studs from best-grip.com they should be ready for the polar ice!
For the rear I use a 700-16 which is 78 centimetre (30.5 inch) in diameter.
For the front I use a 550-17 which is 71,5 centimetre (28 inch) in diameter.


14 August 2012
Thanks to Ard Pastoor I now have a 16 inch rim, but can I adapt it to fit the R1?

PIR-Received the FJ rim

15 August 2012
Just got a message that the Goodrich tire is not available.
They send me this one instead.

PIR-Classic tyre